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Cartoon Character India


With the growth of multimedia and 2D and 3D animation, cartooning industry in India got a face lift. Now there are several cartoon characters which are indigenously developed by Indians. Most of the characters are linked to characters in the ancient epochs of India. Some of them are Hanuman, Ganesha, Bheem, Krishna, etc. These characters have set the base for new character discoveries in all categories like fictions, animals, superheroes etc. The growing popularity of cartoon channels and kid’s channels will definitely contribute to the development of Cartoon Character India. Several international and home Multimedia firms are in the move to create new animated and 2D characters in India. Once they come in, there will be a huge growth in the cartooning industry in India.


As the development of multimedia is going on, we cannot avoid the growth of 2D animations and cartoon book markets. Cartoon books are liked by small and old alike. Some survey says “Calvin and Hobs” is the most liked cartoon series in India. Therefore Cartoon Character India has a vast scope which is still untapped. Until now Indian cartooning was limited in the corners of the news papers. This concept is slowly changing and several new age artists are coming into the scene with versatile characters. There are a few cartoon books published with characters developed indigenously by these cartoonists. This provides hope for high growth of cartooning industry in India.


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