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Cartooning India


Cartoons have always been a part of our life from the childhood itself. The cartoonists use the cartoon characters to make us laugh, think, and introspect about the world around us. The characters used in the cartoon are created in such a way that they are capable of attracting the attention of children as well as grownups.


The cartoons you watch in television or in newspaper and comic books are created based on a theme. The cartoonists graphically design the cartoon characters by giving them various expressions. It is the animator who breathes life into these characters using software tools. To create a good cartoon character you require the combined effort of a cartoonist and an animator.


Due to the wide range of popularity of cartoon characters among the people, business organizations have introduced them into the world of business too. Today when you log on to the website of a company you are welcomed to the site by an animated character. It introduces you to the features and navigation keys of the site. These animated characters even introduce a customer to the products and services of the company.


Making an animated character is a tough job. There are two types of cartoon animations: 2D animation and 3D animation. Making an animated film is much costlier than a regular film. This is same in the case while creating a website with a cartoon character. Since the expense is very high companies around the world prefer to outsource their cartooning assignments to India. The cost of labour in India is much less compared to other countries.


You can find many companies in India that provide quality service in cartooning.  Dezine Hub is one of the leading companies well versed in web designing. We provide high quality service in Cartooning. In fact we have introduced a new service for outsourcing named Cartooning India.  The cartoonist and animators in Dezine Hub are highly skilled with adequate knowledge in 2D and 3D animation.


The wide range of services offered by u include web designing, animation works, illustrations, character designing, creation of background, story-board illustration, etc. If you want to relate with us or know more about Cartooning India you can visit our website or you can contact us.

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