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Charcoal Illustrator India


Charcoal is probably one of the earliest materials used for drawing. It is mainly used as an instrument for drawing rough figures such as portraits and sketches. Artists around the world use three forms of charcoal for art work. They are vine charcoal, compressed charcoal and powdered charcoal.


You might have heard that at ancient times our ancestors used charcoal to draw figures on the walls of cave. Why has charcoal become so popular among artists? Charcoal is easy to manufacture and at the same time they are affordable since they are cheap. Charcoal is produced by burning woods with low supply of oxygen. It is an impure form of carbon.


Charcoal illustration is gaining popularity among the people. Using charcoal illustration you can make beautiful portraits and sketches of yourself or your whole family. You can frame these pictures and hang on the wall. The use of charcoal as a drawing material is on the path of revival. People are preferring pictures made of charcoal than any other drawing material.


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